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SNAP Workbook

The Student Notes and Problems (SNAP) Workbook is a curriculum-specific workbook that students and teachers can feel comfortable using within the classroom or for self-guided learning.

The SNAP Workbook provides complete explanations of curriculum concepts and provides illustrative examples that teachers can use in the classroom. Examples are designed to take students from guided learning to independent practice. Teachers can assign the even-numbered problems for each topic as additional homework as their answers and solutions are not included in the SNAP Workbook.

The SNAP Workbook can be used in the classroom throughout the school year or serve as a self-study aid for students working independently or at home.

Each SNAP Workbook is divided into Notes and Problems. The Notes consist of lessons covering each of the course objectives, providing detailed explanations of concepts and illustrative examples. The Problems consist of questions focusing student attention on the most relevant concepts in the unit. Answers and full solutions are provided for the odd-numbered problems.



Unit Opener Page

  • Summarizes the curriculum outcomes addressed in the unit in age-appropriate language

  • Lists the prerequisite knowledge and skills the student should have prior to beginning the unit


  • Provide essential teaching pieces and explanations of the concepts

  • Include example problems and questions with complete, detailed solutions that demonstrate the problem-solving process

Notes Bar

  • Contains key definitions, formulas, reminders, and important steps or procedures

  • Provides space for students to add their own notes and helpful reminders

 Review Summary

  • Provides a succinct review of the key concepts in the unit


Practice Exercises

  • Include questions that relate to each of the curriculum outcomes for the unit

  • Provide practice in applying the lesson concepts

Practice Test

  • Assesses student learning of the unit concepts

Answers and Solutions

  • Demonstrate the step-by-step process or problem-solving method used to arrive at the correct answer

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